An Environmental Management and Development Company



 C2 REM has been providing quality environmental services to our clients for more than 25 years, and we continuously strive to improve our skill set and approach by pursuing sustainable and economically viable alternatives to complicated issues.  Notably, we value our relationships with other environmental professionals and make efforts to attain cohesive collaborative outcomes with up-to-date technologies and remedies.​​C2 REM’s broad knowledge of the regulatory process at the federal, state, and local levels as well as our extensive experience in engineering and environmental sciences allows for rapid assessment of the potential environmental impacts and the remediation options that will be most effective. C2 REM professionals have presented before the following agencies/governmental entities in various capacities:​​

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (Regions II, VI, IX)​
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers ​
  • California Environmental Protection Agency (including Department of Toxic Substance Control and Regional Water Quality Control Board)​
  • California Coastal Commission​
  • Los Angeles County Planning Commission​
  • Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors​
  • Los Angeles County Departments of: Building & Safety; Construction Division; Parks & Recreation; Public Works; Zoning & Permits, etc.​
  • City Councils/Local Representatives throughout the United States​
  • Federal and State Courts

Project Coordination and Management

 Proper coordination is essential to any environmental or development project’s success. Historically, this coordination role has been assigned to task-specific contractors (e.g., design group, soil contractor etc.), who may get “lost among the trees”, or to the corporate environmental professionals themselves. While the modern day corporate environmental professionals are qualified, they often have a portfolio of sites that requires constant involvement to successfully complete each project. It is in support of this group of corporate professionals that C2 REM was founded in 1995.

 Our senior staff has experience as environmental agency managers and/or as corporate environmental managers. We bring this comprehensive perspective to each project thus providing an all-in-one environmental coordination, representation, and management approach to owners and prospective purchasers of impacted properties.  C2 REM’s goal is to develop partnerships with in-house corporate environmental professionals to solve issues and meet project and corporate objectives.  


C2 REM’s remedial design process includes analyses and feasibility studies of various remedial actions and their effectiveness on the remediation of contaminants. Our professional engineers, geologists, soil scientists and other professionals leverage their expertise in selecting the technology (or multiple technologies) which will be the most cost effective for each site’s unique characteristics and the future use of the site. C2 REM has operated and maintained several remedial systems from sub-slab depressurization systems to complex multi-phase systems with a variety of processes including:

  • Groundwater extraction and treatment (pump and treat)
  • Liquid and solid carbon treatment
  • Bio-venting and other bio-remediation approaches
  • Soil vapor extraction/in-situ bioventing technology system
  • Surface Water Control
  • Soil excavation, removal, and disposal
  • Chemical injection
  • Landfill gas and leachate collection and treatment
  • RCRA equivalent multi-layer cap, gas collection and treatment system

C2 REM’s technical team has installed, operated and maintained a variety of soil, groundwater and air remediation and mitigation systems throughout Southern California for the past 25 years. Based on extensive experience, we have a unique insight into cost-effective remedial designs and system management. C2 REM’s OM&M services as include analytical trend and cost savings assessments, on-time reporting, remote monitoring for system optimization, and on-site problem solving. 



Phase I

C2 REM offers phase 1 environmental site assessments which begin with a focused approach in gathering related data through conventional channels and the establishment of a project hypothesis that takes the “scatter” out of the data. This approach provides for the development of a detailed scope of work that results in remedies for the most complex projects. C2 REM's goal for phase I assessments is to determine the likelihood of Recognized Environmental Conditions within the property. 

Phase II

C2 REM offers phase II environmental site assessments which include;

Performing intrusive studies as necessary to evaluate liability and potential health risks, soil and water sampling to determine potential contamination, and acquiring lab results within regulatory guidelines. C2 REM may also include inspections to determine the presence of unwanted hazardous contaminates, along with identification of ecological factors that may affect the land use. C2 REMS goal for Phase II assessment is to determine the presence of environmental contaminants. 



Construction Management Oversight 

C2 REM offers construction oversight for all phases of construction including clearing, grading, road improvements, irrigation, landscaping, and utility tie-ins to make certain that any given project is appropriately being managed and constructed according to plan. C2 REM is currently maintained 12 professional environmental specialists with various Master's Degrees in City Planning, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geophysics, and Ph.D. in Business Management. Many also hold professional licenses such as General Contractors licenses, Professional Engineer, Professional Geologist, Certified Professional Planning license, Real Estate Licensed Broker, and Notary Publics. In addition to our technical staff, C2 REM also maintains 9 administrative professionals to support the team. 

 Project Demolition 

 C2 REM successfully negotiated a voluntary buy-out with community members purchasing 63 residential properties.  Upon conveyance of the properties, C2 REM demolished and removed 57 structures and coordinated civil, landscaping, structural, geotechnical, and environmental design/approval, and environmental consulting facilitating the development of a 8-acre community park for which C2 REM is currently the client representative and construction oversight manager. 



C2 REM’s highly skilled technical team is qualified to successfully carry out all phases of the redevelopment work for your projects life cycle from initial acquisition to final restoration and/or property transfer, turning a Brownfield property (abandoned, idle, unused industrial or commercial space due to real or perceived environmental contamination) into reusable/recreational space. 

Our services for commercial and industrial facility redevelopment include acquisition due diligence (Bona Fide Perspective Purchaser Agreements), permitting, environmental site assessment, remediation, community outreach, design, demolition and final end-use site development. C2 REM’s knowledge and positive professional relationships with regulatory agencies allows us to leverage our client’s best interest during the redevelopment process. 


Operation Management and Monitoring

C2 REM’s comprehensive OM&M program is designed to minimize downtime, reduce system operating costs and explore alternative approaches as needed to achieve site closure.  Our highly skilled technical team accomplishes this by utilizing systems that include automated monitoring, a Preventative Maintenance Program to prolong equipment life, and designs that features critical safety devices.  

C2 REM recognizes that OM&M costs and site remediation are often the largest expenditure to reach site closure goals.  We provide OM&M services to clients with soil, water and air treatment systems.   Our experienced technical team, consisting of professional engineers and support staff generate O&M Manuals  to assist with the design and construction of treatment needed for each project.  We also have the experience necessary to evaluate and assess existing systems on site and provide recommendations for system optimization. The OM&M Program is structured to reduce system operation costs while exploring alternate methods to achieving site closure. Our technical team has successfully provided high level support to keep systems operating properly, while maintaining compliance and enhancing regulatory relationships that lead to closures.  We provide unique services through creative and cost effective remediation approaches, infrastructure, repair capabilities, and efficient staffing.

C2 REM’s OM&M programs provide continuous support throughout the remediation process: 

  • Monthly site inspections
  • As needed site surveying
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Annual reporting and monitoring forms
  • Routine maintenance
  • As needed repairs 
  • GCTS monitoring
  • Optimization and analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Analytical laboratory result assessments  
  • Weekly Field Daily Form, if needed 
  • Sampling and analysis results
  • Groundwater elevations
  • Quality control report