An Environmental Management and Development Company



Operating Industries, Inc. (OII) Superfund Redevelopment Project

 Monterey Park, California 

C2 REM prepared project cost estimates for cover and gas system elements, compilation of Applicable Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs) including federal, state and local regulations for action-specific, location specific and containment-specific conditions. C2 REM's services include preparation of conceptual closure design components including: gas collection, condensate handling, access roads and benches, low permeable layer, vegetation, irrigation, stability enhancement, gas destruction system, as well as a 30-year O&M program.            C2 REM handles negotiations with EPA regarding modification and start-up of the Sequential Batch Reactor/Physical,design of Chemical Leachate Treatment Plant Operating Industries and development and management of design, construction and testing of field cover and surface gas collection demonstration systems.  


McColl Superfund Site

 Fullerton, California 

C2 REM is involved with development, installation and data review of pre-design sampling activities of low pH, high hydrocarbon content pits using cone penetrometers, hydraulically pushed borings and hollow stem augers. C2 REM's services include preparation of reports associated with pre-design activities including: fullscale onsite, Solidifications Pilot Study, which were the basis for the final remedy. Assistance in the preparation of selective excavation, treatment and RCRA equivalent Closure Report for submittal to EPA including: development of site ARARs, reparation of calculations for area, volume, and zone of contamination, evaluation of cover and potential design concepts, compilation of treatment technology and evaluated site-specific uses, evaluation of excavation and closure components, compilation of and coordinated materials for a series of EPA presentations, development of cost estimates for design, construction and 30-year Operations and Maintenance (O&M).  


Del Amo Waste Pits Superfund Site

 Torrance, California

C2 REM’s services include oversight and coordination of the design and construction of a RCRA-equivalent cap, a gas collection system, and monitoring well network. C2 REM investigated alternative technologies for soil vapor extraction and treatment. C2 REM designed, constructed, and presently operates a soil vapor extraction/in-situ biodegradation technology system for this USEPA Superfund. The site is approximately ten acres containing six waste pits and three large impoundments. The site was used for the disposal of wastes and waste liquids during operation of a synthetic rubber manufacturing facility. C2 REM services include oversight and coordination of the design and construction of a RCRA-equivalent cap, a gas collection system, and monitoring well network. In order to evaluate the current effectiveness of the remedy, the system was shut down for a period of time, soil vapor sampling was conducted, and the future operation is being evaluated.  


Wishing Tree Park

Torrance, California

 C2 REM was involved in the initial purchase and demolition of 55 homes, maintained site operations and conducted risk based analysis, remedial design and removal action planning to demonstrate end land use. C2 REM successfully negotiated property ownership transfer to a Non-Profit LLC with the County of Los Angeles agreeing to operate and maintain the facility for 30-years with an option for extended years.  In November 2018, C2 REM coordinated a groundbreaking ceremony with the community, client, regulatory agency and city municipalities.  C2 REM is currently overseeing the construction and development of a park. The park completion is envisioned for November 2020. 


Long Beach Pipeline

Long Beach, California

In 2018, C2 REM performed an evaluation at a site in Long Beach, California and identified potential contamination and managed to redirect liability through regulator orders to another entity rather than our client. The site had initial resistance from the regulator regarding obligations of other PRPs, but through C2 REM's advocacy efforts, half of the investigation requirements were diverted to other PRPs via regulatory orders.


Rippy Property

Whittier, California

C2 REM assisted Chevron in the remediation of the 2-acres property contaminated with arsenic and pesticides form historic former Cal-Spray operations. C2 REM developed a Voluntary Clean-Up Agreement, on behalf of Chevron, with the DTSC to remediate the property for industrial use. C2 REM successfully negotiated with DTSC to remove soil vapor investigation requirements associated with the Omega Superfund Site. Soil investigation activities were conducted for waste characterization and extent of soil contamination which included: waste characterization, and material handling assessment, risk analysis considerations, development of remedial action alternatives, oversight of 3-phased excavation, removal, transport, disposal of impacted soils, and the import of clean fill material. C2 REM also developed site restoration alternatives for end-land use.


Perry Street Mini Park

Carson, California

C2 REM services include site assessment remediation and development as shown through Perry Street Mini Park. In partnership with our client, the community, and The City, C2 REM has completely transformed one of the properties, which was previously subjected to remediation, into a neighborhood park. The community celebrated the Park opening. The park features extensive landscaping, a children's playground, hardscape walks and picnic area.