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Incident Free:

Health and Safety Policy

C2 REM is committed to exceptional levels of performance in protecting its employees, clients, subcontractors and the environment. As stated in our HSE documents and Corporate Plan, embracing and practicing safety first at all levels and in all areas is our most significant measure of success.  

We strive to be the beacon of safety excellence in the industries in which we work. To advance our HSE program, we are committed to:  

  • Meeting all client requirements and properly incorporating all safety, health and environmental rules and regulations at the local, state, provincial and national levels. 
  • Zero work-related injuries and illnesses to employees, clients and subcontractors when on our job sites, and protection of the environment as a result of our activities. 
  • Provide the highest level of HSE management infrastructure that drives continual review and improvement.  
  • Developing an exceptional safety culture where our people embrace ownership for the safety of themselves and others. 
  • Substantial improvements against our goals of pollution prevention, resource conservation and environmental sustainability. 
  • Setting and meeting aggressive HSE performance goals to promote continual improvement. 
  • Working with employees and clients in order to continuously improve our HSE performance. 
  • Recognizing and celebrating those who contribute to excellent HSE performance. 
  • Striving to make C2 REM the provider of choice for the safe execution of engineering, design, development, operation and maintenance work. 

The commitment to this policy by the leadership, management and employees of C2 REM provides the foundation for a safe workplace, operational excellence and long-term business success.  Safety is a core value and a key to our success. We demand continual improvement in our journey towards a zero incident culture, where everyone is committed to safety, health and environmental excellence. To that end, we demand that our leaders, managers, supervisors and employees demonstrate their commitment in their actions and decisions to assure that every person goes home safe every day. 

Our employees embrace safety both on and off the job. We have an absolute commitment for our own safety and that of fellow employees. We will incorporate all Life-Saving Rules into our work planning and execution.  We proactively and aggressively identify, manage and eliminate hazards in the work place. We train and prepare our people to have the knowledge, skills,  

competency and equipment required to work safely. We stop our employees from working if the work cannot be executed safely or if conditions or behaviors on the work activity are unsafe.  

All employees immediately report safety, health and/or environmental incidents, near-misses, unsafe conditions, and at-risk behaviors to their supervisor; and that we diligently work to correct the problem. Our HSE expectations will be accomplished by the demonstrated leadership of management, implementation, and communications of industry recognized best practices and regulatory compliance.  

sexual harrassment training

All employees of C2 REM are up to date on the required sexual harrassment training and education for the State of California. For more information, please visit the links below.

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing: 

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: