San Juan Capistrano Environmental/Development Assessment
San Juan Capistrano, California
C2 REM provided an environmental and geotechnical analysis for a proposed 45-acre high school project assessing historic impacts and developing intrusive studies for both environmental and geotechincal analysis. Additionally, C2 REM coordinated and conducted the assessment (both health and morphology) of approximately 4,000 trees on a 175-acre parcel subject to redevelopment. The assessment was focused on impacts to ecological stability and oak tree preservation in accordance with the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture.
Rye Canyon Recreational Facility Development
Santa Clarita, California
C2 REM was the licensed General Engineering Contractor for an industrial complex recreational facility. The facility included four golf holes, a USGA putting facility, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. C2 REM successfully implemented the various construction activities to meet an expedited schedule.
Real Estate Development Assessment
Carson, California
C2 REM provided an assessment of the viability of developing nine parcels as homes and twelve additional parcels as a community park and prepared a report summarizing the potential impacts associated with environmental issues and potential diminution of value. C2 REM performed an analysis of potential remedial options, the feasibility of implementation, as well as, the cost and potential risks, if any, for full construction development.
Legends Golf Facility
St. Augustine, Florida
C2 REM's involvement in the Legends Golf Facility included: the negotiations of property acquisition, site development, facility design, and construction. C2 REM negotiated on behalf of the property owners with local development agencies to facilitate project acceptance and the issuance of development permits. C2 REM was the General Contractor for all phases of construction including grading, road improvements, irrigation, and a 2,500 SF clubhouse. Finally, C2 REM participates in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Legends Golf Facility.

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