Dodson Oil Site Remediation
Montclair, California
C2 REM acted as project coordinator and General Contractor in response to a USEPA Administrative Order for impacted soil excavation, transportation and disposal activities with clean fill placement. In the capacity of Project Coordinator/General Contractor, C2 REM directed all onsite activities and maintained communication with the USEPA on behalf of the respondents including weekly progress reports, progress meetings and a Close Out Report.


Comment/Review of Draft EIR of Proposed Hotel
Glendale, California
C2 REM conducted an extensive review of a Draft Environmental Impact Report which assessed the potential impacts of a proposed 14-story, 277 room hotel in the City of Glendale, California.
C2 REM reviewed the proposed project and its potential impacts for consistency with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the City of Glendale Redevelopment Agency Urban Design Guidelines. Its recommendations for modifying the project were adopted.


Perry Street Soil Remediation
City of Carson
C2 REM provided construction project management, and environmental remediation and monitoring services to the City of Carson (City) and an adjacent landowner for soil remediation. During routine repaving work the City encountered suspect soils that were attributed to an adjacent property. C2 REM provided construction project management services for the removal and replacement of soils.


The Hamptons Development Project
Carlsbad, California
C2 REM represented the property owner in developing and obtaining a Substantial Conformance Tenative Map for a 42-unit condominium complex in Carlsbad, California.

Agency Negotiation activities included: coordination meetings with the City of Carlsbad Planning Department, and presentations to the California Coastal Commission for final approval and concurrence for development.

Critical development tasks included: site ecological/biological surveys for various endangered species (e.g., Gnatcatcher, San Diego Fairy Shrimp, Pickleweed) and coordination with neighboring properties for developmnet conditions. C2 REM's efforts (namely obtaining the tentative map in compliance with agency requirements) resulted in the client realizing a 100% increase in property value at sale.

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